Divorce isn’t pretty, but it doesn’t have to be ugly.

If given the choice, how would you want your divorce to be handled?
Would you want it to be time spent fighting or time spent working toward accomplishing a resolution with an equitable outcome for you and your family?

At Wagner & Bloch, our Cincinnati divorce attorneys take a sophisticated approach to solving difficult cases. We know family law and we know how to help.

Our Services

We are dedicated to helping you through this extraordinarily difficult time, which includes determining the right strategy to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. Based on your unique situation, our team will use one of the following methods to help you reach the best resolution.

Traditional Divorce

A traditional Divorce involves filing official paperwork with the county against your spouse. Most aspects of your divorce, such as child custody, how property will be divided, support and more will likely be decided by the Court.

Dissolution of Marriage

A Dissolution of Marriage involves terminating a marriage by mutual agreement between both parties instead of a traditional court filing. Common methods of dissolution are Collaborative Law, Traditional Negotiation, and Mediation.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law involves interest-based negotiation, providing a safe alternative to traditional divorce methods that allows for two parties and their attorneys to come to an agreement outside of the courtroom.


Mediation is another alternative to filing for divorce, allowing a neutral third-party to help negotiate a mutually-agreeable dissolution. Mediation can also be used after a divorce or dissolution has been finalized.

Our Team

Wagner & Bloch has decades of experience in family law. We are passionate about our practice and are dedicated to helping our clients determine their own outcomes. We are experienced litigators, mediators, collaborators and negotiators, giving us the experience needed to understand the particular elements of your case and ability to implement the best strategy for you.

Ohio Divorce Attorney & Collaborative Practitioner Gayle M. Warm

Gayle M. Warm

Cincinnati Family Law Mediator & Attorney Deborah L. McPartlin

Debby L. McPartlin

Hamilton County Divorce Attorney& Family Law Mediator Randal S. Bloch

Randal S. Bloch

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Our Process

Nothing is predetermined when it comes to the outcome of your family law matter; there is no single set course for how your divorce will be resolved. Each case involves its own unique set of circumstances, facts, and challenges, which means the strategy put forth by your attorney matters and will impact your future in very tangible ways. We take the time to listen to you and involve you throughout the process in order to understand your goals and help you choose the appropriate options.

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