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Wagner & Bloch is a boutique family law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our firm lives by our values both internally and in the clients with whom we select to work. Our office is collaborative and technologically up-to-date. We are a mediation, litigation, and other alternative dispute resolution firm focused on family law issues, including divorce, dissolution, post-decree litigation, child support and juvenile custody. We practice primarily in Ohio, but also have attorneys licensed in Kentucky and Illinois.

Our Company Values impact all of our decisions and include:

For Our Clients: We believe that a team approach to your case is most effective. Divorce has several pieces to it. Of course it can be about children and finances, but it can also impact your mental, emotional health and well-being. It will have long-term impact on you from a financial and parenting perspective, so it is important to get it as right as possible from the beginning. It can feel like you are drowning. We serve our clients by knowing that you need more than just an emergency flotation device. You need a whole team, focused on all of the individual parts of your case and your life. We consider our clients partners with us in their case, so that they not only have input, but also so that they understand the strategy and eventual outcome of their case. Our staff is also part of your support system and team. Generally, our staff is more available to you on an as-needed basis and they have a direct connection with the attorneys at nearly all times during business hours. We work together as a team, all of us, to decrease the stress, cost and time of your case.

For Our Team: The attorneys at WB rely on our staff as another team. We need them as much as they need us. It is a symbiotic relationship. We meet with our staff weekly, if not daily, to go over not only case status and tasks, but also to talk about our lives. We get to know our staff so that we know how to best approach any given situation with them, whether it is work-related or personal.

For Our Clients: Divorce impacts a client’s whole life. It impacts everything from your day-to-day finances and children, to your future retirement and health. Just as a doctor treats her whole patient, we treat our whole client. This means we explore not only the immediate effects of a desired outcome, but also the potential consequences of a litigation strategy or a negotiation methodology. We accomplish this by looking at the big picture of your case and approaching your case with broad strokes to ensure we do not get “lost in the weeds.” Could we argue every single point that you make? Absolutely. Would that be the best use of your money and time? Unlikely. We pride ourselves on being able to see the forest through the trees, to help our clients navigate through their divorce with as little unnecessary conflict and spending as possible.

For Our Team: We approach our office and our staff similarly to how we treat our clients. We want our staff to be the healthiest and most satisfied when it comes to life-work balance, because that better enables them to be the team member our clients and office needs. We do not look at our staff as “robots” or “worker bees.” Rather, they are integral to the success of our firm and we treat them in such a way to ensure that they recognize their impact and role in the firm and in our client’s lives.

For Our Office: Divorce is not typically handled by a one-size-fits-all approach. Certainly, there are some cases that are significantly less complicated than others. But, your case and your life can also be tremendously different from any other case. We take our time when handling each aspect of your case, so that you do not need to spend additional time correcting our mistakes. We take our role as legal counsel quite seriously and endeavor to listen to what you have to say, develop a plan and strategy that makes sense within the context of your facts and the law, and eventually reduce the outcome into some form of written product. We strive for excellence.

For Our Team: We have an internal system of checks and balances to ensure that the right people are performing the right tasks, while also ensuring that more than one person has reviewed something before it is sent to a client, the court, the community, etc. Of course, mistakes can happen, but we endeavor to deliver a quality product every time.

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We are experienced litigators, mediators, collaborators and negotiators, giving us the experience needed to understand the particular elements of your case and ability to implement the best strategy for you.