Child Custody

At Wagner & Bloch, our approach to parenting issues places an emphasis on protecting your family as well as helping resolve communication issues between you and your ex-spouse to allow for a prosperous co-parenting relationship.

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Navigating Child Custody and Parenting Time

A divorce or dissolution affects every family differently, but one common concern is how a separation will affect children of the divorce. Divorce often creates a dramatic change in family dynamics that can affect children for years to come. Moreover, there are a number of legal issues relating to child custody, child support, and visitation that must be resolved before a divorce or dissolution is finalized.

How couples parent children after a divorce or dissolution will have far-reaching implications for their family. It is imperative for both parents - and their respective attorneys - to be mindful of how children may be affected by decisions and choices made during a divorce or dissolution.

It is essential to be mindful of your children’s best interests while making any choices related to your divorce.

At Wagner & Bloch, our family lawyers put the needs of your children first. We will help you make informed decisions that give preference to the long-term interests of your family. Whether your child custody case is contested or decided by agreement, we can effectively represent you while minimizing the impact of the proceedings on your children.

Shared Parenting & Sole Custody

Parties to a divorce that involves child custody often must choose between “shared parenting” and “sole custody.” The primary difference between shared parenting and sole custody is which parent holds the decision-making power for the children. However, there are several other aspects to consider when deciding between shared parenting and sole custody.

In a shared parenting arrangement, both parents have legal custody. This means that they work together to make joint decisions regarding the child’s school placement, medical decisions, activities, and religious upbringing.

In a sole custody arrangement, by contrast, the custodial parent has legal custody and is solely responsible for making important decisions regarding the child. Although it is often beneficial to have both parents involved in decision-making for the child, sole custody is sometimes more appropriate when the parties are incapable or unwilling to cooperatively make decisions together.

Establish the Best Parenting Time Schedule for Your Family

Determining legal custody is just one issue that must be determined before a divorce or dissolution is finalized. Equally as important is determining parenting time. This may include creating a routine parenting time schedule, developing a holiday schedule, sharing the costs of a child’s expenses, figuring out transportation details, and agreeing on child support.

The Best Interests Of Your Children

Every family dynamic is different, and there is no single best way to parent a child. In fact, there are likely several variations of the above child custody concepts that would work for your family going forward.

At Wagner & Bloch, our attorneys and family law professionals will assess the circumstances of your case to help you determine which options are best for you and your family. We can assist you in all parenting issues related to child custody, child support, and stepparent adoption.

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