Do I Need a Child Custody Attorney in Ohio?

If you are experiencing or about to have a child custody dispute in Ohio, contact our Cincinnati child custody lawyers

November 10, 2022

Child custody cases can arise when married couples with minor children divorce or separate. In some circumstances, parents agree on a custody arrangement and submit it to the court for approval. 

However, determining your specific custody arrangement may not always go as expected. Unsurprisingly, any parenting issues or differences in your marriage are quite likely to continue to be parenting issues in, and after, your divorce. In such situations, working with a child custody attorney may be necessary.

How a Cincinnati Child Custody Attorney Can Help

If you are creating a parenting plan in Ohio, you should seek the services of a Cincinnati child custody attorney because they will help your case with the following:

  • Explaining Your Rights: Your child custody attorney should be ready to explain the law and answer all questions regarding child custody. For example, you might want to see typical examples of schedules or learn how other separated parents handle decision-making responsibilities. A Cincinnati child custody lawyer will explain how courts handle child custody so you can know what to expect.
  • Improved Communication with Your Ex-Partner: Separation is not easy and can typically cause heated arguments. These arguments can negatively impact your chances of achieving a favorable outcome, so you should ensure not only that you work with a lawyer throughout the process, but also that you and the lawyer have a good rapport. In most cases, your custody attorney may be the only link to communicate with the other parent while your case is pending. 
  • Gathering Evidence: When determining a child custody case, the court will consider evidence as to what is in the child(ren)’s best interest. There is not a significant focus on instinct and emotions. A Cincinnati child custody attorney will help you determine which evidence may be best to present your child custody case to the Court.
  • Minimizing the Impact on Your Children: Your divorce will impact your child, even if it is amicable. For this reason, it is essential to reduce the potential negative effects as much as possible. A lawyer can do this by helping you and the other parent create a reasonable parenting arrangement that serves your child's best interests.
  • Adhering to the Changing Laws: Ohio family laws are constantly changing. While new statutes are established frequently, judges also issue rulings that may affect the orders of similar cases in the future. Your lawyer will keep abreast with the changes in child custody laws, maximizing your chances of an outcome in your child’s best interest.

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