How to Plan Your Parenting Time Schedule for the Holiday Season

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December 6, 2022

Holidays are a time of celebration for most families. But for others, especially divorced ones, and those going through the divorce process, it can be an incredibly anxious time. During the holiday season, spouses going through a divorce must have a plan for the holidays. However, working out a holiday parenting time plan can be extremely stressful, especially if you're not on the best terms with your ex.

If you are negotiating a parenting schedule, it's up to you and your ex-spouse to decide how your children spend their holiday. If you already have an existing parenting time schedule, you need to adhere to that schedule, but that doesn't mean you're unable to change your existing plan.

If you are considering seeking a court ordered modification, having an experienced child custody attorney on your side can be extremely beneficial.

Helpful Tips for Creating Successful Holiday Visitation Schedules

  • Determine the Most Important Holidays in Your Family: There are numerous holidays spread throughout the year. The best place to start is determining what holidays are most celebrated in your family. Families celebrate different holidays. Additionally, one holiday might be more important to you than your ex. This could be why you would want to change your parenting time schedule during this time of the year. You can work with your ex-spouse to decide which holidays your children will celebrate with which parent and where.
  • Choose an Appropriate Holiday Schedule Arrangement: Common holiday schedule arrangements available for families in Cincinnati, Ohio, include fixed, split, or alternative arrangements. However, you can still work with your Cincinnati child custody attorney to create something that meets your family's unique needs.

A fixed holiday schedule arrangement means that your kids will spend each holiday (which is important to one parent) with the same parent each year.

Split holiday schedules mean that each parent spends part of the holiday with the children. This arrangement is suitable for parents who live within a short distance from each other.

An alternative holiday schedule lets your children spend a particular holiday with you one year and with your ex-spouse the following year.

  • Maintain Honest and Open Communication: Honest and open communication plays an important part when creating a parenting time schedule. Sometimes it may not be easy to have conversations with your ex-spouse, but trying for the sake of your children is important. Keeping honest and clear communication with your ex-spouse can make the holidays more enjoyable and shared-parenting less painful.

How a Cincinnati Child Custody Attorney Can Help

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