New Year’s Resolutions For The Newly Separated

Here are a few New Year's resolutions you can try for the newly separated.

January 19, 2022

A new year is an excellent time to reflect on the previous year’s experiences and set goals for the next. However, a new year can bring feelings of sadness, regret and loneliness for recently separated or divorced couples.

If you are recently divorced or separated, know that you are not alone. Many individuals throughout the country are likely experiencing a similar life transition as they enter into 2022. How can you cope with this major life change? Here are just a few New Year’s resolutions you can try.

Forgive More

Forgiveness is an essential step towards moving on after separation. Make a deliberate and conscious decision to get rid of feelings of vengeance or resentment towards your ex-partner. Holding on to the past will only bring you more pain, particularly if you have to remain in contact with your ex for the children's sake.

It is also easy to blame yourself. Forgiving yourself is an essential step towards healing and moving forward. Resolve to let the past be the past and focus on building the future you want.

Be Kind

Divorce comes with all sorts of emotions that make it challenging to be your best self. Remember to show kindness to the people around you. A small act of kindness can bring more opportunities and improve your overall outlook. Also remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself the space and time you need to heal. Schedule a vacation, get a massage, or pick up an old hobby - anything that will fill your cup.

Be patient

Healing takes time. You should not be hard on yourself if you do not make immediate progress in improving your emotional well being. Take time to make major life decisions. Allow yourself to sit in your grief and fully process your emotions. Don’t rush to move on, even if you are feeling pain.

  • Control your reactions - It is normal to get irritated by your ex-spouse or the people around you when you are experiencing a stressful life transition. Focus on what you can control, such as your reactions to others. 
  • Do not overthink - Life after separation can be complicated - don’t make it harder than it already is!  Don’t pressure yourself to start dating again, buy a new house, or be the perfect co-parent. These things will come in time. Take each day one step at a time.
  • Practice gratitude - After a divorce, it can feel as though you have lost everything, but you haven’t. Look to your support group for help. Focus on your work. Be thankful for small daily pleasures. Although you may not be grateful for your separation, practicing gratitude for the things you do have can help you focus on the positives.

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