Post-Divorce Checklist

To help you focus on moving forward, below is a post-divorce checklist to guide you in your post-divorce endeavors.

March 17, 2022

A divorce can consume every thought, drain all your energy, and create an enormous amount of stress. While there may be a wave of relief that washes over you once your divorce is finalized, there are some matters that may continue to impact your life long after divorce papers are signed. The hard part is behind you. It is time to move forward. To help you focus on moving forward, below is a post-divorce checklist to guide you in your post-divorce endeavors.

Review Your Divorce Decree

Your divorce decree is critical. You may want to get a certified copy of the document and review it. The divorce decree may contain a list of items you and your ex-spouse need to do in the aftermath of the divorce. It could be signing a car title, filing a quitclaim deed, or other administrative tasks. Schedule when these things need to be finalized and who needs to complete them. 

Obtain Insurance Coverage

Most couples prefer to use the same insurance agent and company for their home, cars, and life insurance for convenience. There are also some perks for having several items insured with the same company. After divorce, you should seek out new insurance policies for yourself.

You may also consider removing your ex-partner as a beneficiary of your life insurance and replacing them with your children, relatives, siblings, or close friends. Contact your insurance agent to discuss your options and see if you have to change anything after the divorce.

Create New Bank Accounts

New bank accounts are often opened before the divorce is complete. It's likely that you had joint accounts with your ex-partner - if you haven't already, it's time to cancel them and create new ones with your own names. Leaving your joint accounts open increases your vulnerability to unwanted charges and overdraft on your credit card by your former spouse. You may even want to open a new credit card account in your name to begin rebuilding your credit after a divorce.

Update Your Estate Plan

If you have an existing estate plan such as a will, power of attorney, or trusts, update them to reflect your divorce. Otherwise, your estate may be left to your former partner. It can also prevent you or your family from making critical decisions. However, if you don’t have an estate plan, hire a divorce attorney to help you create one.

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