Trick or Treat Tips for Divorced Parents

In this blog post, we share a few simple tips to help you and your family create an enjoyable, stress-free, Halloween!

October 20, 2021

Most parents who are divorced know that co-parenting comes with its own set of challenges. However, these issues shouldn't interfere with your family’s  important childhood experiences. Holidays like Halloween are a big deal for kids and can provide a lifetime of fun memories. 

At Wagner & Bloch, our family law attorneys help couples develop parenting plans that work for all parents involved. Below, we share a few simple tips to help you and your family create an enjoyable, stress-free, Halloween!

Take The Kids Trick Or Treating Together

Events  like trick- or- treating provide some of the best opportunities to create positive family memories and model your co-parenting relationship. Even though divorce isn't easy, the stress that you and your ex-spouse may feel does not have to affect your children’s experiences. Setting aside differences and focusing on the moment can help you overcome the tension and create a fantastic trick-or-treat experience for your kids.

Split Up The Night

You can consider splitting up the night so your children can get the opportunity to trick- or-  treat with both households. That way, everybody will be brought on board, and your kids will enjoy the excitement of trick-or-treating in two neighborhoods.

Split Up The Holiday Activities

If you're not on good terms or can't get along with your ex-spouse, you can make arrangements to split holiday responsibilities. A great way to do this is by separating events to ensure no one feels left out. For example, you can take the kids to a pumpkin patch party or Halloween festival, and the other parent trick-or-treats with them on Halloween night.

Have Fun Together

Co-parenting doesn’t always have to be stressful. There are no rules saying that you and your ex-spouse can’t have a little fun on a night like Halloween. Rather than focusing on your differences, focus on what you have in common - your children. Consider coordinating costumes with your children and giving them a special night to remember.

Make A Plan

A good game plan is essential for a successful Halloween night.  Make a plan and ensure you incorporate every detail, such as timing, costumes and locations, in the final decision to develop a clear schedule for how the kids will spend their Halloween night.

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